We are getting quite some questions about the use of an ICROSS®. Here we have gathered some of the most frequent asked ones. If you have more in depth questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Is the Icross really inflatable?
Yepp, with the icross pump you fill an Icross with minutes. Approximently 3-5.

Is the ICROSS heavy as lead?
Not at all. They come in two sizes. The smaller ones (1260 and 1206) weighs in at 6,5 kilos. The bigger 1410 weighs about 7,6 kilos.

I’m no ballet dancer. Quite the contrary, actually. How is it to sit on the ICROSS for a longer period of time?
You’ll get a nice bend on the legs, since the ICROSS is constructed so your heals are resting a little bit in front of the soft bend. In short, it’s comfy.  

The seat, is it possible to mount it on all models?
It’s super easy to attach and remove the seat from all ICROSS models. Snap, snap. 

Does the ICROSS hold up against salt water?
Salt water is no problem for the ICROSS. Although we recommend to give the ICROSS a good rinse afterwards, just because it will be nicer to use the next time. If you're a bad ass who doesn't care about salt water, the Icross will not mind. 

Can you fit an ICROSS in the back of a car?
Actually, you’ll be able to fit two inflated ICROSS in most cars. Just put down the back seats and get rolling. 

If I want to deflate the ICROSS, can it be done quickly?
Just open the valve and roll it like a rug. Quick and simple. 

Since the ICROSS is so small, is it stable?
It’s super stable and rock solid. 

Would it be possible to fish from an ICROSS, like it’s a boat?
Most definitely. Either you anchor the ICROSS at a hot spot or just go trolling, covering loads of potential lays. It’s up to you. Just remember to check the local rules and regulations for the waters you’ll be fishing. 

More in depth queries? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us >>