The ICROSS® is durable and rock solid thanks to the drop stitch material, but also very mobile. It inflates within minutes and stays as hard as a rock throughout a salmon season up north.


We seek our fly fishing adventures in the wilderness of the very north of Scandinavia, by the rim of the polar circle. Where the rivers run free and the sun doesn't set (in summer, that is). Sure, we like hanging out and spreading the good vibe among fellow fishermen, but when we go for salmon, sea run browns or big browns in remote areas, we prefer to do it with mother nature as our only companion.

This is Adam, and to Adam there is nothing more rewarding than a fresh run salmon from the rivers up north. 

This is Adam, and to Adam there is nothing more rewarding than a fresh run salmon from the rivers up north. 

Adam is not an entrepreneur. Neither is he an inventor nor a business leader. He is a fly fisherman to the core and there's nothing Adam loves more than a fresh run salmon from the spacious north. And that´s why he came up with the ICROSS®. 

- To be frank, how many times have you been standing on the shore, dreaming about reaching that island or getting across to the other side?

Adam spends his time fishing the salmon and trout rivers of northern Scandinavia. Rivers which are characterized by open access. Get a license and the rest is up to you. 

- The ICROSS® is about freedom. Go wherever you want. You drop it in. You cross. You fish. You go back. You put the ICROSS® in your car and go somewhere else. Effortless but still maximizing the fly fishing experience.

- And that's the key. It has to be effortless crossing the water. Simple. Boats, canoes, belly boats - you name it, we've tried them all. And they just won't fly. Not the way we fish. But the ICROSS® really works.

- You know, there's nothing more rewarding than reaching parts of your favorite river where few people ever swing a fly. Discovering new places or getting a new angle on old ones. It's about exploring. In a way, every piece of water you have ever fished, you see it with new eyes with an ICROSS® in your tool box. 

- I tried out a prototype last season. It was very simple but the sensation was overwhelming. With the prototype ICROSS® in the back of my car I was never out of ideas on my next fishing experience. The opportunities and potential fishing places that open up with the ICROSS® are just amazing.