Showing off at the local mini fishing fair


On Saturday, we will show the ICROSS for the first time in public.

It's the local mini fair held by the excellent out-door store Cykel och fiskecenter in our home town Skellefteå, Sweden. If you’re in the hood, swing by and try out the ICROSS. No waders needed.  We’ll be there from 10:00 to 14:00.

/ the ICROSS team

UPDATE - this is us at the fair. A big thanks to everyone who came by.

In the pre-ICROSS era

We found some old 720p footage of our friends – Mattias and Johan – excelling in the fine art of deep water tailing.

It's from the pre-ICROSS era, when we had to depend upon bridges for crossing water. Nowadays it's like the same: same but quite different.