The ICROSS gets you across water nimbly, safely and simply. It can get you to an island, to the other bank or to a cay in the middle of a river - it makes fly fishing endlessly flexible. The ICROSS revolutionizes your fly fishing experience - it’s nothing short of a game-changer.
— THE ICROSS team. Skellefteå, Sweden.


Using the ICROSS® is a piece of cake. The innovative drop stitch material means the ICROSS® is inflatable but still as solid as a rock. The ICROSS® is all about simplicity, flexibility and freedom to go wherever your heart desires. 



We seek our fly fishing adventures in the wilderness of the very north of Scandinavia, where the rivers run free and the sun doesn't set in the summer. It's a way of life and we wouldn't trade it for the world.

ICROSS 1260 & ICROSS 1410 are available in our web shop 

The ICROSS® is durable and rock solid thanks to the drop stitch material, but also very mobile. It inflates within minutes and stays as hard as a rock throughout a salmon season in the north. The ICROSS® is small and will easily fit in the back of most cars. You carry the ICROSS effortlessly, holding the comfortable handle while the board rests on your side. The ICROSS® is developed specifically for fly fishing.

We eat, sleep and breathe fly fishing and we do it in the very north of Scandinavia. We were raised by vast woodlands and roaring rivers, so to explore is in our DNA.

— Adam Westerman, fly fisher and ICROSS innovator. Skellefteå, Sweden.